LIVE - St. Joseph's College vs Wesley College - Dialog Schools Rugby League 2022 - Super Round
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St. Joseph’s College will host Wesley College in their Dialog Schools Rugby League 2022 – Division 1 - Segment A – Super Round encounter on 15th of August at Havelock Park, Colombo.

Watch LIVE action on Dialog Television Channel No. 140, Dialog Viu app and from 4.00pm (GMT+ 5:30) onwards.

Disclaimer - We at ThePapare want to uplift the game by providing live coverage of this competition as best we can. However, due to the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka, this has become a very challenging endeavour. We apologise in advance if there is an interruption to the broadcast due to an unexpected power outage as due to the difficulty in sourcing fuel, we will not be using a generator for today’s game (Our productions typically use a generator as a backup to the power grid and in some cases run entirely on the generator). If you have any feedback on our coverage, please email [email protected]

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Date - August 15th
Time - 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM